Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tudor Style

535 S. Plymouth Blvd. c.1918Kerkhoff House, Hunt & Eager Architects, 1906De Garmo House, Kemper Nomland Sr., Architect 19293469 Rowena Avenue c.1928Hunter House, Arthur H. Stibolt, Architect 1929504 S. Plymouth Blvd. c.1923 English Tudor
Herbert Woodward Residence, L.B. Kolyer, Architect 1928Harry Chandler Estate, Milwaukie Building Company, Architects 1916Boyd House c.1926 Shannon Road English Tudor, Leona Woods, Designer c.1930Herbert Woodward Residence, L.B. Kolyer, Architect 1928Palmateer House, L. Milton Wolf, Architect 1924
2241 Chislehurst  Drive, c.1930 EnglishHigh Trilling Manor, J.W. Roberts, Architect 1925Hubert F. Breen Residence, L.F. Muloueen Architect 1927Harold De Santis Residence c.19351454 Valley View Road c.1990Clara Louise Lukens Residence, R.H. Williams & Samuel Howard, Architects 1927

Tudor Style, a set on Flickr.

The Tudor Style is one of my favorites; it must be the English in me.

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